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Package Tour

Once a candidate will be selected , we conduct orientation  program where he is familiar with pressing angles like –

Work Culture of Respective Company.

  • Business Practices.
  • Safety Issues.
  • Labor Laws.
  • Other Relevant information.


Hajj & Umrah Religious Trip

Europe makes one think of jaw-dropping architecture; grand history; intoxicating languages; mouth-watering cuisine…the list goes on. For someone who has lived in just one place for a long time – perhaps somewhere with little sense of history or culture – Europe can seem like a haven full of new possibilities. Plus it’s very easy to travel through the continent and see a lot in a small space of time.


Work permit, S-pass.

Singapore is an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. For first-timers, it’s an excellent way to get introduced to living in Asia. Within a total area of roughly 700 square kilometers, you’ll find gleaming skyscrapers, Chinese shop houses, Malay mosques, Hindu temples, and endless chains of air-conditioned shopping malls. Singapore is safe, clean, and green – proud of its reputation as a Garden City. According to Wikipedia, Singapore has a population of roughly 4.7 million. Of this number, about 3.7 million are Singaporeans and permanent residents. 75% of the local population is Chinese.


JOB in Hotel industries, Retail, Semi hard-work labor

Malaysia is very popular for people to migrate to because it is not only an adventure far away, it is also a beautiful place with many natural treasures for them to explore during their stay. Employment opportunities are plenty and costs of living are relatively low. Malaysia is a developed country so the change in transition is not too much to handle. There are also many people in Malaysia that did not come there to work. They come to enjoy life in this wonderful country. Some live in Malaysia for a couple of months each year to hibernate, as the climate is pleasantly tropical thus nicer compared to the often cold European climate.


Technical and Non-technical, Marketing.

UAE is a tax free country (as of this date). UAE is an international hub. You get to work with people from different countries and different cultures. Living economics are relatively good in comparison with other metropolitan cities in the world. No religious pressure, even though Dubai is young, life style has improved in a shorter span. Last but not least monetary value is higher when we compare our own land.


  • Once a potential competitor is diagnosed, next stride is directing selection check (oral/common sense), by business enterprise or authorized delegate
  • We make whole planning for journey, comfort and others, making certain candidate reaches area at correct time
  • In case we are set up for choice and trying out of forthcoming worker, we lead it with guide of board of specialists below direct supervision of expert officers

In addition, our skill moreover lies in taking entire consideration of visa documentation and additionally special customs.


  • Contract Period : 2-3 Year.
  • Annual leave: 21-30 Days Per Year.
  • Food and Accommodation will be provided.
  • Duty 8-10 Hours(overtime available).
  • Health Insurance Provided.


We’ve got with us exceptional database for international Placements in each huge quarter of labor

We’ve a super guide of experienced staff individuals having wide running information of global business companies

Properly built up connection with airways, journey operators, government powers and moreover experts/Embassies likewise guarantee the whole method is immaculately taken care of

We offer worldwide occupation state of affairs consultancy support to our clients. We constantly overhaul our database that allows us to provide nice opportunity for proper profession.